Services we provide

Custom Curbs provides a variety of beautiful, machine-formed continuous concrete curbing services with a focus on enhancing the appearance and value of residential properties, though we do work with businesses as well. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding service while creating a look and level of durability that is second to none.

Concrete Landscape Edging

Concrete landscape curbing will not move, rot, separate, or lose its luster like wood, plastic, or other edging alternatives. For this reason, it is simply the most durable and cost-effective solution for your property. In addition, this edging acts as a very effective root barrier to stop creeping grasses from encroaching on flower beds, and helps keep soil, mulch, or decorative stones where they belong.

Moroccan Stone Curb Series

The Moroccan Stone Curb Series gives you the strength and durability of continuous extruded concrete, but with the natural beauty of exotic stone from Morocco. Each installation is handcrafted and totally unique, and combines the latest techniques, materials, and custom tooling for a natural and realistic stone finish.

24-inch wide pathways & walkways

In addition to beautiful concrete curbs and edging, Customs Curbs also provides solid concrete pathways up to 24 inches wide, and can be stamped to look like a variety of stone or brick patterns. These variations can also be colored to match most any desired landscape or color scheme.

Custom pathways not only provide visually attractive separation of lawns and landscaping, they also help to direct foot traffic, which decreases the natural damage of wanderers.

Water Runoff

Uncontrolled water runoff or irrigation can prove destructive and harmful to your flowers and plants. Many of the solutions provided at the local hardware store are made of cheap materials and can become an eyesore in your landscaping.

Custom Curbs solves this by creating a custom runoff for your downspouts and gutters, giving you the perfect height and distance every time for an outstanding look.

Custom Rock Creation

Balancing and completing the look of your landscaping can be difficult because natural stones are heavy and expensive, and finding a stone that is just the right shape, size, and color can become very time consuming. Custom Curbs takes the complexity out of finding the perfect rock by creating custom stones in the exact size and location you want, with the perfect shape and color you’re looking for.

Custom Numbering and/or Lettering

Set your landscaping apart from the rest! Add your house number to a custom curb, or create a custom stone for a bold distinction or special memento. Custom Curbs can add numbers or lettering to just about anything we create, so be creative! Add names, special dates like a birthday or wedding, or create a beautiful memorial to honor and remember a special person or pet in your life.

Alternative and Custom Textures

Our products are made of concrete for strength and durability, but that doesn’t mean it has to look like it. Our Moroccan line provides a beautiful, natural stone look, and our standard curb line offers everything from stamped stone to faux-brick inlay. We also provide realistic wood textures such as wood grain or bark. If you are looking for a natural wood, stone, or brick alternative, look no further than Custom Curbs!

Warranty & Maintenance

All Customs Curb work comes with a one year warranty against defects in materials or labor. For natural wear and tear or accidental damage, we offer an optional annual maintenance contract for our customers. For just a few hundred dollars a year (roughly a dollar a day on most jobs) you’ll receive an extended warranty and an annual visit which includes cleaning, chip touch-up, and resealing. If any accidental damage occurs while you have a maintenance contract, we will gladly offer you a discount on the repair work.