Starting the Process

The path toward a beautiful, finished project begins with looking through our wide selection of curb styles and colors to get a feel for what we offer. Once you’ve found the perfect style and color combination, or narrowed it down to a few top choices, you’re ready to contact us. We’ll respond to your request quickly and set up an onsite walkthrough to answer your questions and provide a free estimate and timeline for your project.

Ground Preparation

The first step to a great installation is outlining the area the curb will travel. This will allow us to confirm it is laid out exactly as was planned, and make sure it meets your approval.

Next, we begin clearing and trenching. Our combination of tools and skills allows us to do this without disturbing most of your current landscaping or in-ground sprinkler systems.


Forming is one of the most important steps in the process, because inconsistencies can lead to weaknesses which will show up later as cracks or chips, or “color runs” where the color changes as your curb travels along.

This is why every Custom Curbs installer has been thoroughly trained and certified on our equipment, so you can be assured of a professional look and installation every time. For additional peace of mind, all of our work carries a one year warranty against defects in labor or materials.


Stamping is where your concrete curbing comes to life as it takes on the look and feel you’ve chosen. Custom Curbs has an incredible selection of curb stamping and patterns, with everything from a faux brick to the look of aged wood grain. We also offer our Morrocan line for a thicker, stronger curb that provides an unbelievably real stone effect without all of the maintenance issues and cost of real stone.

To view our large selection of curb options, visit our Standard Curbs and Morrocan Curbs pages. Our Gallery provides dozens of real-life examples of installed curbs for project inspiration and to help you get a better feel for the end result.


The ability to customize the color of your curbing to match or compliment your landscaping and home is essential to a successful installation! That’s why Custom Curbs’ coloring process allows us to fine-tune your mix to get the color just right. And much like a paint code that provides consistency for each gallon of paint you buy, we’ll record the specifics of your mixture so if at any time in the future you want to add more curbing to match the original, we will have the exact color formula for it.

To see a small sample of the colors we offer, visit our Curb Colors page.


The final step in the installation process is cleaning and sealing the curb. This helps to protect and preserve your new custom curbs, making them easier to maintain.

If you would rather have your curbs professionally maintained by Custom Curbs, we offer an annual maintenance contract on most work for just a few hundred dollars per year. In addition to an annual cleaning and resealing, this contract also includes a once a year touch-up to repair any minor chips or scuffs and keep your curbs looking their best. The maintenance contract also extends our warranty for as long as your contract is in effect.